Introducing proPanel — An elegant, modern, responsive cPanel theme. Ideal for any cPanel user or hosting provider.

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Enhance the look and feel of cPanel and enjoy an interface that is clean and modern.

With proPanel, you'll get a modern UI combined with the power & security of cPanel. Whether you're a hosting provider or cPanel user, proPanel can be applied to your current cPanel installation in minutes.

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proPanel is a beautiful theme that you can use with any cPanelTM installation. The theme has all the functionalities of the popular S3 theme but with a bold new look.
To install the proPanel theme, simply login to the cPanelTM WHM control panel and visit the Theme Manager. Then, click Manage cPanel Themes and provide the proPanel theme for upload. The entire process takes only a few minutes. For more information about the WHM Theme Manager, click here.
If you're a hosting provider, you can offer the proPanel theme to an unlimited number of clients without additional cost. You can also add your own logo at the top of the left side bar by following these instructions.
Click the "Buy Now" button at the top of this page and then provide your credit card details. Don't worry, all transactions on this page are secured by SSL encryption. After completing the payment form you'll be provided with a download link.
proPanel was developed by We do not offer cPanelTM support. However, if you have questions about how to install proPanel or if you wish to report a bug or other issue, please contact us through our website at
Buy Now for $29.95
Secured by SSL encryption
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After completing the following form, you will be provided with a download link.
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